Flower Bed

Whether you have a new garden or a well-established one, maintaining it regularly is vital and this is where Anthony de Grey Gardens can help you out in today’s busy world, where time is at such a premium.

All the expense of setting up a garden, roof terrace or even a small courtyard, not to mention the time invested in it over the years, goes to waste if it is not looked after properly and we have the qualified and trained staff to carry this out.

Bedding and LawnWe will set up a regular maintenance programme with you, to take care of all those routine gardening chores, from mowing and weeding to pruning and planting, making sure that your home or office is never let down by the garden. We tailor this programme to include as much or as little of the work as you wish, leaving you free to concentrate on all those other priorities in life.

If all your garden needs is a seasonal tidy-up our trained gardeners will do that too, pruning and training your plants so that they thrive and look their best at all times.

Contact Anthony de Grey Gardens today for a free maintenance estimate.